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The Dark Side Intensifies in Steps Into Shadows

This Saturday the premiere of the third season of Star Wars: Rebels: “Steps Into Shadow” aired. In anticipation, Zach and Nick have briefly reviewed the last two seasons. Now prepared, they venture onward to examine the premiere episode. First Zach shall give his thoughts, and then Nick will give his.


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Black Sails Finds its Wind and Doesn’t Look Back

No really; this show is unstoppable. And by that, I mean that once you get going with it, you lose the physical ability to stop watching. Sure, after Season 1, I had my hesitations about even continuing with Starz’s swashbuckling drama, but Season 2 is among the best TV I’ve ever watched, and Season 3 kept up the pace.

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Separated at Draft: Asami Sato and Kate Kane

When The Legend of Korra first aired, I was far from the first person to make the connection that Asami’s history was more than a little similar to that of Bruce Wayne’s. Traumatic murder of a parent at a young age. Part of an absurdly wealthy family to the point that she’s more or less Republic City royalty. Genius intellect, lives in a giant mansion with a butler, highly trained in martial arts, and uses the coolest gadgets. Then Book 4 rolls around, and we find out that Future Industries not only rebuilt Republic City, but modernized it too.

Sounds like Bruce Wayne to me! “Asami is Batman!” we said. And yeah, that was a pretty fun idea. But then the series finale dropped, and it all just clicked. Asami Sato isn’t Batman. She never was. Asami Sato is Kate Kane. The freaking Batwoman.

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Parks and Rec: The Awakening

Back with season 2! Now, if season 1 was the season everyone seems to forget about, season 2 is the one everyone is still obsessed with. Most of the most iconic lines in the fandom are from season 2 and people generally seem to love it. All the “April, you’re like an angel with no wings / So like a person?” and the “Sweater swap!” and other great lines are in here. Specifically in the second part of the season. This season, as well as the third and seventh one, is really overhyped in fandom. For good reasons?

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