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Who Wants to Travel With the Doctor?

“Texts from the Tardis” is a new series from Fandom Following, in which we compare the analysis of a first time viewer (Pete) to a long-time Whovian (Andy). It will include actual texts from our watch-alongs as well as more in-depth discussion of the episode.

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In Defense of Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic Park 3 is not a good movie. It feels like a made-for-TV movie. We sorely missed John Williams’s excellent scores. It stole an important plot point from the original movie instead of doing something new. The Mary-Sue’d Spinosaurus killed off a Tyrannosaurus just to show how very menacing it was.

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Time Has Told in the Seinfeld vs Friends Debate

And the winner is Seinfeld. By a lot.

Several months ago, Julia, Wendy and I looked at some older pieces of media and asked the question “how did they age?” We took a little time to specifically examine the two NBC sitcom giants of the 90s: Seinfeld and Friends. The conclusion that was loosely reached was that the former is aging far, far better than the latter for one very simple reason: shows about despicable people stand the test of time.

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Why Beast Boy and Raven are So Important

In popular culture, when boy meets girl they get together. Circumstance and personality do not matter, the relationship will happen. We can talk about where this expectation came from all we want, but it has become so thoroughly ingrained in modern pop-culture that it is almost impossible to escape. Almost.

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The Mysteries of V.F.D. Continue

2 days ago

Azula, Jasper, and Cersei were Separated at Draft

3 days ago

Power Dynamics in Fantasy – Bartimaeus Trilogy

4 days ago


Is Frozen Actually Feminist? The Fanwankers #23

2 weeks ago

The Fanwankers Episode 22 – Adult Cartoons

4 weeks ago

The Fanwankers Episode 21: Steven Universe is Everything

2 months ago


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